Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Worldwide Writers

Hello Somaliland!

Apparently this blog is being read (and plagiarized) around the world. For example, it's been the subject of discussion on quite a few Somali web sites. For one example, see, click on "Search" toward the right (in red-- not google) and type in "demi-puppets."

This reminded me that the Underground Literary Alliance is, after all, worldwide, with members, sympathizers, and readers in countries like Canada, France, England, Japan, and now Somaliland. To break the blackballing of our ideas in America, we need only get the word out about what's happening to literature in this country, how it's being controlled and stifled, to writers and readers across the rest of the globe. Why not?

(A positive sign: Somalis haven't heard yet from Jonathan Lethem that there is no longer such a thing as plagiarism!)

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