Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What's Happening

When laid off, I hadn't been in Michigan long enough to qualify for unemployment. At the moment I'm an exile in my own country, scrambling for some stability. Ruthless class war has been waged on America's working people the last few decades, from both the Right and the Left. (The Left, after all, have been prime movers behind illegal immigration which has destroyed wages.) Throughout, working class writers have not been allowed to have a voice, as the way this literary movement has been treated has indicated.

Think about it. Some of the richest writers in America, led by Daniel Handler-- who's said to be worth hundreds of millions-- have spent their time relentlessly attacking one of the poorest . I own nothing-- nothing-- other than a duffle bag of clothing. My major struggle, like so many Americans-- like many underground writers-- is simply to survive. What was their motivation? To ensure that I and my colleagues have no voice. They didn't embrace dissent. They stomped on it.


Noah Cicero said...

Daniel Handler just gave a blurb to Ellen Kennedy. Ellen Kennedy isn't college educated, her dad is a railroad worker and her mom works for a like a tractor magazine in a small town in PA. She grew up in a duplex. Maybe you should get up on current events.

FDW said...

Yes, the boards must be crashed and played upon at every opportunity, situations created and sufficient “noise”, “Sturm und Drang” penetrate breach the Keeps to gain the public ear and hearts-- as only the ULA has proven to do and has done well especially between 2001 and January of 2007. And more what we’ve called “follow-up” must be seen as pushing with the necessity of social/cultural unrest in mind toward and achieving the public demand for the affects and product of the literary underground and appreciation of the underground literary resistance "show". Demand as you’ve pointed out, tho’ most times without defining it convincingly enough perhaps because you've shown that the proof is in the putting and to always having to return to what is already there becomes a tiresome game played with jerk offs that don't play fair anyway,, here and in your other blogs nor for that matter on the ULAproboards forum, is the action most desirable “as that action that is lead to” from solid promotion and basic merchandising of the ULA/underground ,resistance, brand. This action is part and parcel of the overall social unrest that in this country, this literate democracy, historically is the real engine for vital engaged “change” and when presented as a sustained actualized transformation.

King Wenclas said...

Noah's comment is amazing in several ways. In a way it encapsulates the history of the literary rebellion. I understand how he feels hyper-millionaire Handler needs defense from a nobody like me. Very crucial. It's good to see Noah acted swiftly. Maybe he'll receive a pat on the head or a doggie treat. What do you think?
Re Handler. I guess I should be happy that he gave a nice review to a token outsider writer (good p.r.)-- but still find it hard to applaud the guy, seeing that he attacked and harassed me continually and anonymously for several years; concocted a fake letter purportedly from me which was published in a literary magazine; and has sent me a series of e-mails notable for their incessant lying. Makes it hard to embrace the guy-- a fitting example he is, though, of what used to be known as "yuppie scum"; today's prototypical Insider writer.
p.s. In spare moments I'm doing a little-- very little-- writing. I have gotten another chapter up at "Literary Mystery," if anyone cares to check it out. Four chapters to go. How will the story end? With my corpse of course, inundated with knives from friend and foe alike! Kick it around all you like.

FDW said...

Handler is just doing what the neo-liberal fallacy dictates he do.
Otherwise there's no dealing with him or NC especially since you've consistently held out your hand in peace or at least in understanding and have had it time and time again mauled.
Time to put forth the other hand toward all these pricks with a riding-crop clenched in it.
Have you been able to find the key email from the Handler related to the guerrilla action that took place in the Green Zone
here in early May of 2007?

Cause that is one of the ducks-- or at least the public revelation of it--- lined up currently and ready to be "felled"...