Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Plimpton

There's an interesting article by Scott Sherman in the current (Feb 2) issue of The Nation magazine, which at least addresses the Paris Review/CIA controversy which the ULA and myself have been covering for some time. (On this blog, on January 7 most recently.) Our prodding since 2005 HAS had some effect in bringing to light this important story.

Sanders still accepts too much at face value. Plimpton's magazine living "on a shoestring" in the 60's? Come on! George himself came from a very wealthy family, and found support for the project from beginning to end from billionaires like Aga Khan to Jean Stein to Drue Heinz. Surely it wasn't THAT expensive to put out a literary journal. (The ULA has cranked out publications with its members all living in poverty or near-poverty.)

Also, the notion that George Plimpton didn't know from the start of his involvement with Paris Review about the CIA connection remains-- given his background-- a ridiculous idea. But if we keep pushing the literary establishment on this and other questions, maybe eventually they'll get it completely right.


Anonymous said...

Least the ideas that you are championing are being examined by the Nation. That's a good start though not a finish for the truth.

FDW said...

If the people were made to understand, given access to counsel for a chance to decide for themselves to, seduced by hard hitting ficciones and the chant of genuine uncompromising verse from out from under the depressing thumb of the neo-liberal conspiracy of the literary-cultural Authorities’ spell of fascination. That they’ve not only “been had” but manipulated and hurt on the most conscionable levels of the "generation" of livelihood, their perceptions and natural communionalty twisted and poisoned, for the comfort and status of the institutionalized few and their corporate bottom lines, then folks anger and outrage would serve to fuel this demand invoked above ( in the previous comment).
So, because this is no time to fool around--- whereas your urgent even fanatical voice in the wilderness has certainly informed and stirred every underground independent DIY writer and poet in the country, in and out of the ULA-- I will not waste it bringing up again and again the history, the histories of literary arts movements, mustering the details of the all important incidence of transition were dead imperialist systems of literary beliefs, pogroms, and middle- man agents, were tore down and blown-up by radical groups of new literary insurgencies. But instead claim if for no other reason than convenience and affect that, as the problems of the current economic “collapse” should be nailed down to “usury”--- where the simplistic , narrow definition of interest, tied in with the spectacle of speculation, critically reflected upon-- “… by which no man hath a house of stone”, so too the collapse of mainstream literature and poetry, should be seen as being caused by “simony” (besides usury ), whereas Cicero is a good example of this kulchur-al "simony" but he is hardly to be singled out, having the balls even if three of them maybe to get it on here using his own real name!….