Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Anti-Dissent Campaign

You know the worst part of Daniel Handler's "Jimmy Grace" behavior? As Grace he castigated me on this blog every time I shut off comments or deleted a post to get a break from his relentless sophistry. I was "censoring" him. Me! A pretty-much blackballoed writer who gets his voice out on the margins, through blogs and zeens. Handler is backed by a giant publishing company and has no difficulty getting his words into society, whether through his children's books or novels or writing essays for the New York Times. He may be the most widely circulated writer of today. (The current condition of literature: A well-rewarded cretin.) His own success didn't stop this mega-millionaire from carrying out a harassment campaign against an outcast writer who frankly lives in near-poverty.

Handler has droppped out, but I'm still being barraged by another character who lives on the other end of the country, and likewise screams when I don't allow every one of his onerous one-note comments against my existence as a writer. Is he another oft-published success story?

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