Monday, January 05, 2009

Was Eggers Behind It?

The question remains whether all-powerful literary cult figure Dave Eggers was behind the attacks on the ULA and myself. Given his track record, indications say yes.

Here's an interesting quote about Eggers from John Homans in the 10/14 2002 issue of New York:

"When fortress Eggers is attacked . . . the Eggers faithful are mobilized, ambushes are laid, fierce countermeasures planned."

Keep in mind that this is from a pro-Eggers article. It well shows how the lit-world backs his ruthlessness. Actions during the years since show that Homans was prophetic. (Where, for instance, is Ian Spiegelman, formerly of "Page Six"?)

We have with literature today a monolith of silence and control. Those who dissent are crushed. Journalists write about a lot of junk, but thanks to the Dave, Caesar of literature, they no longer write about this. (Or did someone do a story about Daniel Handler's actions, and I missed it?)

The record isn't a good one. Corruption was exposed by the ULA throughout this decade; about questionable grants; about plagiarism and lies; and those involved in the corruption were rewarded. (There are many who actually think of Rick Moody as a victim, not a culprit.)

In a world where reality is turned on its head, will the truth ever come out? Don't bet on it. History is written first by the Imperialists. They write literary history also. I find then my bio written by my enemies! Literary Imperialists through and through unwilling to give underground writers their own voice. Oh, I know how Hannibal and Vercingtorix and Crazy Horse would've felt!

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King Wenclas said...

Eggers reigns now through his money and power. Let him beware, lest he fall from his perch, because then the jackals would come out, those he's used as his instruments, who'd have very much to say if they ever had the courage to talk.