Saturday, January 03, 2009

Blog Victories

I had a string of tactical victories here to close out 2008.
-Millionaire author Daniel Handler was revealed to be harassing this campaign through anonymous posts and dummied e-mails.
-The blackballing of this blog was inadvertantly broken when a New York Times story on a dead poet-- and the use of google-- sent hundreds of readers to Attacking the Demi-Puppets.
-The stonewalling of the Paris Review/CIA story is looking ever more ridiculous.

Can the corruption of literature stand much longer?

Stay tuned.


scofflaw said...

As regards Shinder there is also this on the ULA Poetry and fiction.blogspot from Friday May 23, 2008:


At the time this was to be the first in a series of expose on three or four of the poetic savants in th service of the Overdawgs and especially the "piss-po's post modern" factoring system of the Academic arm of the aforementioned Complex..,
otherwise tho the keeping of the conditions set at the time of the inception of this "project" which also especially included Liam Rector, as per the discussion with yrself and the poster of the this blog entry as the Perfesser admittedly understood them (the two conditions that is)were not followed up nor even seen through, so also no mention of this timely Shinder post appeared on yr. ATDPs posts at the time nor afterwards...nor at the moment you are touting your well secured triumph...
Is this an over sight on yr part if so and even if not are you still interested in continuing the original series of the idea as from what I am lead to understand the drafts for more lit crit analysis and their attending verse- challenges are still available and now will include the likes of Stephen Berg of APR Goat in sheepskin clothing )...

King Wenclas said...

I suuport all attempts to look into the corruption of poetry in this country. I look forward to all revelations in this regard.
As to follow-ups, I have a ton of my own follow-ups ongoing, and limited time to engage in them-- which is why I welcome the work of others on these issues.