Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lit versus Sports

The realm of sports is not only five-thousand times better at marketing itself than American lit is, it's also more aggressive at rooting out corruption in its ranks. Who would ever think that would be the case?

Witness star millionaire football player Reggie Bush having to give his Heisman Trophy back.

Yet when will star millionaire writers like Jonathan Franzen return their ill-gotten awards?

Note that with all the many articles about Jonathan Franzen in recent weeks, not one, that I know of, has mentioned his accepting an NEA grant in 2002-- taxpayer money intended to allow struggling writers the ability to write. See the link at

Mainstream media have focused on superficial media events like Franzen's minor dispute with Oprah, yet have studiously and curiously ignored real-world literary corruption involving the dude.

Why is this, do you think? Any idea?

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