Saturday, September 18, 2010

WANTED: For Defrauding the Public


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Let this privileged author give back the 2002 NEA grant now! There can no longer be any excuse. Follow the example of football player Reggie Bush, Mr. Franzen, who gave back his Heisman award. Can a millionaire writer do less than a millionaire sports star?

(We have to hit Franzen’s little-seen conscience while he’s flush with bucks.)


Rae Hicks Brozo Zimmerman said...

hey karl, i would love to be a follower on your blog but did not see a link...thx, rae.

Rae Hicks Brozo Zimmerman said...

i am a follower now...whenever i go on my blog i can link to you...please let me know if it is ok to share any of your blog on facebook...thx, rae.

King Wenclas said...

Hi Rae. Good to hear from ya. I mainly use my blog for venting, but share any part of it you like.
How's Detroit? Are you still in the cust-broker business?