Friday, October 01, 2010

Latest News!

I'll be reading some poetry this Sunday October 3 as part of the Mad Poets Festival in downtown Media. See
I'm scheduled to go on at 2:15. I'll be on for five minutes, which is enough, as long as any poet should be allowed to read. I hope to surprise, enlighten, and entertain while I'm at the podium.

I'll also be taking notes, possibly taking a snapshot or two and doing a mini-interview or two for my new blog. (See below.)

I have a new blog post up at my "private" blog at
The subject of the post is radio and what might be learned from a particular show.

I have a new Philly blog at
part of new experiments I'm running. We'll see how this one goes!


Rae Hicks Brozo Zimmerman said...

how many blogs do you have? i would like to keep up with you!

Philly Zeen said...

I intend Philly Zeen to be the main one, if I get it off the ground, still debating about others incl this one.