Friday, July 13, 2012

Pyramids of Power


Louis Freeh in his report of the Jerry Sandusky affair spoke of a "pyramid of power" and the fear of power which extended from top to bottom at Penn State University. The fear to speak up or break ranks. To take on the powerful. This same mindset extends through other fields, including the established literary realm. Exposures of corruption are swept aside. Loyalty to the system is monolithic. The behavior reflects a herd mentality.

The Underground Literary Alliance exposed corruption throughout its brief history. How did the system react? Did it not embrace and protect the miscreants-- for instance, those who gamed the arts grants system? Isn't the system even more monolithic today? There's an incredible reluctance to speak up to the powerful within American literature and publishing. Those who do are ostracized. The reluctance comes from those who are supposed to be writers-- the voice of bravery and freedom. Where is that voice? Where are there any-- any-- signs of literary democracy? The literary system today is an old-fashioned moribund apparat like Soviet-dominated Eastern European countries circa 1975.

Well, there is one other completely outspoken  blog like this one. I recently stumbled into it. "How Publishing Is Rigged." I have a link to it on the side of this page. The author of the blog wisely doesn't give his name.

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