Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Literary Joe Paterno?

Here are some quotes from Philadelphia sports writer and radio host Angelo Cataldi, printed yesterday in the Philly edition of the Metro newspaper:

"Joe Paterno created that environment with pure, unadulterated bullying. . . . It's why he snapped at the most benign questions from timid reporters for the last 20 years of his tenure."

"What is happening now-- the sanctions, the protests, the national disgrace-- is long-overdue payback for years of obnoxious behavior cloaked in cranky charm. Paterno thought he could get away with anything in the domain that he ruled. And for a very long time, he did. But there is a limit even to this kind of hero worship."

What do you think? Unquestioning hero worship? Are there any powerful persons in the literary world who resemble these descriptions?

Examine those puff pieces carefully.

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King Wenclas said...

p.s. Think about this: Sports journalists are more aggressive and outspoken than those who cover literature-- who aren't outspoken or questioning at all. The most timid and compliant flock of sheep you'll ever encounter.