Thursday, September 12, 2013

Order from Chaos

(A companion post to this one at American Pop Lit:

One reason why I believe in the existence of God/a Creator is because I can’t conceive how order can be imposed upon the chaos of the universe without an intelligence behind it.

It’s the feeling I had upon finishing Thomas Carlyle’s masterwork, The French Revolution. The collected intelligences of men of the Age of Reason, who made a god of reason, produced from their efforts violence, chaos, and terror. The disorder didn’t end until a unitary intelligence, in the person of Napoleon, imposed order upon French society via cannon fire.

Order from chaos, via a strong intelligence, explains much of French history. Charles De Gaulle rescued the French nation twice; in 1940-46 and in 1958, times when the combined voices of his countrymen were producing disintegration. Only he—no one else—could’ve rescued the French nation.

In my own experience, I know that the Underground Literary Alliance failed because it tried to run itself via group consensus, instead of unitary leadership.

Democracy is fine once the universe—or nation or movement—has been created. Creating the universe, putting it on a solid foundation, without an overarching intelligence seems an impossible feat.

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