Saturday, September 14, 2013

What Happened?

Has anyone fully processed what happened viz-a-viz the United States, Russia, and Syria, this past week?

Has Vladimir Putin advanced that far on the p.r./diplomacy front, reinventing those fields—or is our government of Kerry, Obama and Company that spectacularly incompetent? It’s a week that will be studied by diplomatic historians and propaganda experts for decades to come.

Our preconceptions have been turned on their head. Tactics of the Cold War have been reversed. Starting with the Edward Snowden incident, Putin has become the man of intelligence, fair play, and peace. He’s done to the United States what the U.S. did to the Soviet Union. Namely, win the public relations battle. Putin seems to have learned well, adopting our skills, while we’ve regressed.

Case in point is the international TV show “Russia Today” (RT), fronted by hyper-beautiful and hyper-intelligent Abby Martin, who puts America’s crudely indoctrinated bubble-headed plastic Mainstream Media commentators to shame.

Here’s a look at Ms. Martin on a recent story, in an RT feature “Breaking the Set.” Click on the video. It’s very slick, with Abby Martin firmly on the side of the underdog:

Say what you will about Putin, but he’s doing something right, while our corrupt system is dependent not on the kind of talent and strategic skill ex-KGB man Putin exhibits, but on same-old same-old Ivy League mediocrities whose qualifications for promotion are an unquestioning willingness to be indoctrinated by a status quo ideological system and an unswaying ability to conform. (Even when not from the Ivy League, apparatchiks’ mendacity and ability to stretch the truth is noteworthy—as shown for example by cheap propagandist Tom Bissell, among many others.)

That President Obama and John Kerry—as well as previous President George W. Bush—are all Ivy Leaguers is not evidence against my thesis!

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