Friday, October 20, 2006


Skyscraper lights
scattered outside the saloon,
dots of red yellow green
against blackness
swirling spinning blanket of color and noise
night time freshness
cooling air
too many beers,
vomited now in the gutter.
Rain or sweat?
Calling voices vanished behind,
friends and foes,
laughing beauty, smoke and echoing music,
walking with shifting feet
the long journey home.


bruce said...

Nice word picture, vivid and sensual, with (like all good short poems), a story behind the presented facts. Give us more, man. And send something for "Blue Fred's Kitchen".

Have you and the other ULA writers got a presence on MySpace?

J.D. Finch said...
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Noah Cicero said...

nice picture of that raving misogynist on the front page of the ULA site.

Pat King said...
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Pat King said...

Well, I guess someone doesn't get satire and irony when they read it....what's your gripe with Crazy Carl anyway?

Ziomal said...

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