Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Where Is It?

IT'S CURIOUS that I can't find the locations of Writers Conference events on the web site.

Has CLMP become a secret society?

Have they mobilized to prevent a demonstration of ULA free speech?

How do conference attendees find out where to go when the date arrives?

I imagine those who've paid their $350 will receive by certified mail a decoder device to attach to their Internet screens. On the evening of November 1st-- the night before the conference-- at precisely 10 p.m., a number will flash: "WWXSCGBD." The person must punch this code in then be prepared to instantaneously memorize the specific location. (The attendee instructed upon penalty of lifetime literary banishment not to disclose the secret location to anybody.)

The CLMP organizers are afraid to expose their writers to literary dissent or contrary ideas-- anything which would disturb the intensity of their brainwashing.


chapman said...

this site says it's at the new school 66 w 12th ...maybe they weren't supposed to mention it though

Adam Hardin said...

I think the Literati would miss us if the ULA went away. We are the only ones who give a damn.