Thursday, October 26, 2006



THE FIRST release of the new ULA BOOKS imprint will soon be out. The Pornographic Flabbergasted Emus by Wred Fright is a tale of the misadventures of a college rock band. It's "pop" in the best sense: endlessly readable and entertaining.

Who's the book written for? For the PUBLIC; for regular folks of all stripes and backgrounds; not for literary mandarins. Our chief goal in promoting the novel will be to reach beyond complacent literary gatekeepers in order to reach that public directly. This is how we'll achieve success.


Pat King said...

Damn fine book finally being collected into one volume (it was previously serialized in about eight zine volumes). Wred is one of the best guys I know. I hope the book sells a million copies.

J.D. Finch said...
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Frank Marcopolos said...


jimmy grace said...

looks quite cool.

chilly charlie said...

Tim, that's the first nice thing you've said on this blog since you turned on these guys in July of 2005. How's Typism these days?

By the way, I hope you're not planning to get into a future ULA publication under false pretenses, then write a short story about it. I'm watching you!