Thursday, April 29, 2010


THE PROBLEM with America’s establishment-stamped approved writers is they’ve been trained to be so solipsistic they’re incapable of seeing the context within which their narrow art is placed.

America is being churned by huge societal forces. Much of the population feels under economic assault—because they’re under economic assault. The working class has been broken; devastated. Those in the middle fear they’ll suffer the same fate. I’ve seen myself, in the course of a few decades, a major American city literally destroyed. No, not by a hurricane—by economic factors alone. Detroit. By the crushing force of sweeping societal change.

Where is this portrayed in our literature? Where is the full scope and impact of our machine society anywhere portrayed?

Our writers instead have been infantilized, drooling in html sandboxes, minds stunted into permanent childhood while the art drifts into oblivion.

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