Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Three Question Challenge #2

MINI-INTERVIEW: Frank Marcopolos.

(Small-press promoter Frank Marcopolos oversees

1) Is Brooklyn a hipster town?

FRANK MARCOPOLOS: Brooklyn is massively large, and culturally extremely diverse. There are some neighborhoods, like Williamsburg or Brooklyn Heights for example, that are hipster-havens, sure. But there are also plenty of neighborhoods that are not, for better or worse, and offer their own unique blend of cultures and attractions.

2) Does the printed book have a future?

FRANK: Certainly the printed book has a future, but it's a diminishingly significant one. Devices like the Kindle make one's reading life better, since you can carry around so many books at once, but there will always be books that are better suited for print -- I'm specifically thinking about the kinds where you want to make notes in the margins, stick post-it notes in, etc.

3) Where do you see yourself in relation to literature five years from now?

FRANK: I'll first, foremost, and forever be a lover of literature. I'm striving to have an impact as a writer/editor/audiobook performer as well, but with those things, predictions can be dicey. Too many factors are beyond my control to clearly see that far down the road.

(Frank Marcopolos is the former editor of the critically-acclaimed litzine, The Whirligig; he is currently shopping a college love-triangle novel and performing audiobook versions of public-domain stories on his website,

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King Wenclas said...

(Participants so far have answered the questions well: seriously, modestly, articulately, which is fine-- but I also need responses more over-the-top! This is not your standard lit-blog.
Also-- anyone who exceeds the word limit, or cobbles together too-long a bio, will face a variety of penalties, ranging from a yellow card, to five penalty points, to the penalty box, to getting your photo taken with the Phanatic, on up to a "Roethlisberger" four-game suspension from this blog. You have been warned.)