Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Too Much to Process

FOR THOSE accustomed to the polite pseudo-debate of the literary world-- found at spots like HTML Giant-- the post below about PEN is too much truth too soon. Their minds can't handle that kind of contention. It's beyond the bounds; outside their bubble of illusion. Their instinct is to close it off. They think they believe in open debate. In fact they want debate if it's not discomforting to their view of literature and the world. (Would one of HTML's thousands of "independent" thinkers sign the Petition to PEN, which is fairly inocuous in that it calls for the obvious? What do you think?)


Anonymous said...

I think no one ever comments on your blog. That's what I think.

Which is why it makes sense that you're so angry.

The htmlgiant crew is vast and you are only one man. That feeling of insignificance must feel awful.

I know what it's like to be an outsider. It sucks. And it makes you want to lash out. That's normal, dude. You're normal.

Karl Wenclas said...

??? When dealing with demi-puppets one can't win. I used to get more comments on this blog than I could handle-- so overwhelming that I would close off comments. Then I'd get hit with accusations from anony-mice about that!
This blog is a low-priority item for me at present-- but it's useful at times to tweak the lit establishment.
(There's a curious dynamic at work however. When one presents new or contrary ideas, one's accused of being "angry." Where's the anger? My arguments since the beginnings of my time with the ULA were always documented and well-reasoned. throughout that period, I've been the target of much invective. The history of much of it is on this blog.)
I kind of suspect, though, that someone's angry!