Sunday, March 04, 2012

Masha Gessen on CBS Radio

I heard on the radio this morning journalist Masha Gessen say, "The elections are a sham from beginning to end." I thought, Finally! Finally someone speaking the truth about politics in this country. Then I realized she was talking not about the United States, but Russia!

I suggest Ms. Gessen turn her attention to the election circus in the U.S., that she do some investigating so she can please explain how every U.S. President since 1988 has been a graduate of either Yale or Harvard, with the election this year looking to be a contest of Harvard vs. Harvard. Can we seriously claim to have democracy here?

Granted, our system must be less heavy-handed, vastly more sophisticated, than what Mr. Putin accomplishes. But the results seem to be the same. Unraveling our system might take a bit more work. Let's see how skilled an investigator Masha Gessen truly is! (I put my money on big money combined with a superpowerful media being the determining factor.)

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