Saturday, March 24, 2012

Zen Tebow

Football authorities like John Elway are leery of Tim Tebow because of his unorthodox style of throwing and playing. Tebow doesn't look like a quarterback is supposed to look. The experts are locked in to an orthodoxy mindset.

The styles of Tebow and his replacement, Peyton Manning, couldn't be more different. Manning comes to the playing field with a tops-down attitude, seeking to impose his intelligence and will upon the game. Very western. Tim Tebow, by contrast, has a zen way of playing football. He becomes one with the flow of the game and the playing field, instinctively more than consciously.

Some quarterbacks are hybrids. The early Tom Brady wasn't a stats guy. He relied on instincts as much as knowledge. Nowadays he's clearly playing in the Peyton Manning style.

Peyton Manning is great at acquiring numbers, accumulating data. Yet, in both college and the pros he's had difficulty closing the deal and winning the number of championships he's supposed to win.

Could there be attributes to Tim Tebow's game the experts are missing?

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