Monday, March 19, 2012

They Did Me a Favor

It's occurred to me that thanks to the reluctant writers of the ULA, who balked at my style of doing things, I've been forced to pick up my game as a writer, having no one but myself now to promote. I spent ten years neglecting my own writing, cranking out the occasional poem or zeen but not taking it seriously. I had all these "stars," you see.

The past year I've focused on my own work-- and on pushing my abilities. I don't know how good my work ultimately is, or will be, but it's significantly better than it was. My soon-enough-to-be-released novel isn't perfect-- nothing is-- but it contains some very good things.


BradyDale said...

And now you're starting to get why I pulled back. Had to do my own thing. Wasn't excited about helping the other guys do their thing.

King Wenclas said...

Yes, but--
If everybody pulled the wagon it would've worked. Did work, in fact, for a time, in gaining much publicity. Everyone doing their own thing is scattershot. Inefficient. But writers are balky animals.
The trick: How do you stand out? How does any one writer without money or connections stand out?
If you don't stand out, you're one in a million. Not good odds.
The ULA stood out.

King Wenclas said...

p.s. Even with that, the ULA had a small window before the forces of reaction coalesced against it. By 2004 it was already too late. The plan was designed for the original team.

BradyDale said...

Well, we've had this conversation before. If I had been excited by the work of my fellow travelers, I would have pulled the wagon. But I wasn't so I didn't.

I've gotten involved with a group of comics artists here in Philadelphia. I am easily the least talented among them, but for whatever reason, they keep me around. So, I pitch in there.