Friday, November 17, 2006

Imperialist Lit

Imperialism depends upon social and economic gaps between populations which enable one group to feel psychologically and morally superior. The Imperialist justifies his forays into the world with the notion that he's using his privilege and power to benefit humanity. He's the good guy! A member by birth of the Clean and the Saved, he's going to prove his liberal virtue by helping people, cameras at the ready. True equality would eliminate his game; his patrician paternalistic philanthropic role playing.

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Jimbo said...

I was checking out this "values" project over at democrats abroad France. The people there sound like grad students or visting professors. Even though the American electorate seems to want an end to ideologizing for the sake of waging outdated culture wars these people are proffessional ideologists so if they didn't have that what would they do, go flip burgers at MickeyD's or something. Ultimately all their moralizing ends up sounding like a pretext to justify their privileges.