Sunday, November 05, 2006

Miss Snark

I've discovered a blog manned, aptly, by an anonymous Insider, which represents perfectly the sad mentality of today's insular publishing world:

On a Novermber 3 post titled "Nitwit of the Day!" a writer is castigated for daring to speak up to her mandarin handlers.

The pathologically ignorant have called me a "parasite" for trying to promote underground writers-- for six years now-- without a single contract, without an iota of control. The grand sum of money I've made from my efforts has been: zero. In fact, I've invested much in our project, which is now showing, with the release of another ULA Book, real progress.

Read Miss Snark's blog and there see represented real parasites. See the contempt they hold for their writers. That most of them are intellectual cowards who so little believe in their efforts they remain anonymous says a great deal about the mendacious dishonesty and corruption of today's literary world.


- Leopold said...

The few ULA books out now are just the beginning. I plan on having another one out within a year, and I know Potter will have more. It's becoming increasingly clear that if artists work together, they can shuffle off the near-sighted mandarins like Ms Snark.

King Wenclas said...

A couple days ago I posted some follow-up responses on the Snark blog, on the same thread, answering the points made about my first comment.
The great believer in open discussion Miss Snark never put them up. (It's a managed blog.)
I'll have more to say about this when I get a chance.
(Note in her posts and the comments the sheer terror of speaking publicly about the literary world.
They seem to have things ass-backward. The WRITER is the most important person in the process. The apparatchiks have let the process take over. Obedience, please, writers!)

jimmy grace said...

I didn't realize you were such a champion of open discussion, Wenclas. One wonders why you require registration in your own comments section.
Don't tell me - it's because you get so many attacks. I'd wager Snark would say the same thing about her blog. Most people fear open discussion.
You guys do better when you promote your own writers than when you attack people, no matter how idiotic your targets are.

King Wenclas said...

I'll discuss literature with anyone, anyplace. I do have a problem with anonymous attackers whose only purpose is to clog my blog with spam.
I posted my remarks with Snark under my own identity. Unlike you, "Grace," I stand with my real identity behind everything I say.

King Wenclas said...

Re your other point.
I'm not attacking "people." I'm attacking Miss Snark-- a person who doesn't exist; a disembodied voice represnting the arrogance of the established literary system.
Attacking corruption is what we do-- a necessary part of the noise we make. It's part of promoting ourselves.
Or do you want us to be like everyone else? Just one more defanged obedient writers group-- there are hundreds out there like that-- making no waves; obediently complying with the status quo way of behaving?
As we have no resources, no connections, no credentials, we have to do things differently.
Besides, who else will expose the corruption of literature today if not the ULA?

jimmy grace said...

I exist. I'm a person. My name's Jimmy.
Miss Snark exists. She's a person.
It's unlikely her actual name is "Snark," but I can't imagine that matters to a man calling himself "King."

King Wenclas said...

But I'm accountable for everything I say. Anyone by looking at the ULA site, or googling, knows my legal name is Karl.
Miss Snark is merely a ghost.
Sure, there's a real person somewhere behind the name (or a brainwashed humanoid robot). Or maybe it's a couple people. Maybe a rotating line-up. Who's playing James Bond this week? Maybe they're paid by a publishing company. I don't know. Neither do you.

mattie said...

Am I ever happy to discover this site! I agree with your views totally regarding Miss Snark and her Snarklings.
To sum it up, I asked Miss Snark a question on Nov.13th,06.
I instantly received a reply, "Do you really want this to be put up on my blog?"
I said, "sure, do it your majesty."
(I didn't write anything that the entire world couldn't read.)
The next day and thereafter, I have received over 1000 hits on my website which describes my bio. and my innocent, female based first novel. It is a POD. That DID it.It blew the doors open!
Then, I get over 119 responses on her site regarding my question- Most of them pretty juvenile.They all very much wanted to curry favor with the Snark.
Then, I immediately receive a very nasty and poor review on Amazon re: my novel which is no coincidence since I only had two reviews on there since my book came out 8 months ago!
I might have a slander suit if this keeps up. Okay, so maybe my book isn't that good? I don't think it is that bad.Most people liked it that read it. I have done sucessful signings... It was odd to carry on like they did. It was way too obvious.I would never do that to a new writer.

I am glad that I discovered you.
Thank you for all of your efforts.
Mary Jane Cole