Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Two Differences

Two major differences between mainstream publishing and the ULA way of doing things.
1.) In mainstream publishing, the most powerless, least respected person is the writer or artist himself. The writer is at the bottom of the totem pole, grateful to be published at all. He or she is in the position of supplicant, with no real power or voice over the artwork. (Not even Jon Franzen had it, as he found.)
With the ULA, the artist is valued-- and calls the shots. We're all writers in one form or another, even our publishers like Jeff Potter and Pat Simonelli. We understand what Do-It-Yourself is about.
2.) The mainstream is looking for "normal" writers; those sober individuals willing and able to play by the rules. The entire process is set-up to weed out the different voice; the wacked-out, outcast, or outraged person. The Underground Literary Alliance embraces such persons-- we know that's where artistic genius is to be found.


jimmy grace said...

I'm suspicious of the idea that genius only lies in outrage. I make "outsider" art and am not convinced I'm a genius; I see a lot of great work from untrained, nonmainstream artists...but a lot of great, nonoutrageous stuff too.
Right now I'm reading Flannery O'Connor - who became the toast of the NYC literary scene. But she's fantastic.

Jimbo said...

America at this time from where I am looks like a morally bankrupt collapsing regime a bit like the Hapsburg's Austria or the Tsar's Russia or the Soviet Union a critical voice can't emerge from the corrupt institutions of this regime. Not only have they cut off any avenue of dissidence but they actively corrupt the cultural institutions of other countries in order to silence any one any where who might speak against them.

George Preston said...

Just for the record, "Jimmy Grace" is Tim Hall.

jimmy grace said...

um, no. i'm jimmy.

chilly charlie said...

Um, yes, you ARE Tim Hall. I don't know if you stole "Jimmy Grace" the way you stole the identity of Frank Wilford, but YOU are Tim Hall.

Here is evidence. Your posting on this very blog of September 27. Please note the typical angry and punchy syntax, the pseudo-psychiatry, the same narrow self-important range of concerns. Even the way you just wrote "Um, no."

Read Tim Hall's stuff, Tim Hall. That kind of rhetorical gesture is typical of you.

I submit that you are Tim Hall, and that you are a nasty, mean son of a bitch.

What have you done lately, Tim Hall? "Vogner" still promises to reopen during the summer of 2005. Skidmark Press hasn't done a thing since February 27. You haven't even posed as Bryan Guski (an anagram for "Bury King") since the summer. Your books are languishing in the multi-million range on Amazon, because they suck.

In my opinion.

Here's the quote.

-----begin Tim Hall as "Jimmy Grace"-------------------

Wow. You really are paranoid.

I've never defended any corporate interests from your attacks or anyone else's.

I find your methods suspect and your constant search for "cred" to be irritating and pretentious. Not because I stand to lose millions of corporate bucks because of it - just because I do.

You remove my comments from your blog in the name of opening up debate, and you think I'm part of an intricate conspiracy because you've never heard of me.

I can only hope that you are, as some poets told me - and I won't name them, as they're either part of Your Big Conspiracy or shams because you've never heard of them, the only two options in your skull - drunk when you rant like this, because it's the only good excuse for it.

chilly charlie said...

Here's Tim Hall as Jimmy Grace, October 1. If you can't see how obviously this is Tim Hall on the basis of style, syntax, vocabulary, and personal issues....


That makes a lot sense, come to think of it.

One other point: there is no "Arms Akimbo" Queer Collective to be found on the internet. Surely our garrulous friend Timmy, oops, Jimmy, would identify himself elsewhere if this wasn't all bullshit, which it IS!!

----------begin Tim Hall as "Jimmy Grace"------------

For the millionth time, I'm not defending Moody and Eggers. They can kiss my ass.

I post all over the damn place - it's just that your precious blog forces me to register.

Sorry I didn't defend you last Spring from some LA Times chick - I must have missed that one. Maybe I was doing art that night - look on some Bay Area walls and you'll see the Arms Akimbo stuff.

I wander around the Web when I'm bored and/or drunk reading mostly underground stuff and picking arguments when I see something that bugs me. I thought that was free expression, but apparently it's being a big rich corporate blackballer.

jimmy grace said...

yeah, gosh, I must be the only sarcastic person in the world.
Well, no. I'm not Tim Hall. My name's Jimmy. Nice to meet you - sorta.

chilly charlie said...

Yes you are, fuck-nuts. It has to do with much more than just "sarcasm." It's called "identical style."


chilly charlie said...

Hey Tim, read my comments on yours of October 2.

Anymore of your shit, and I'll personally get in touch with Mary Sullivan and let her know what good value she's getting for supporting your drunken psychosis, um, I mean "writing career."


jimmy grace said...

Get in touch with anyone you want.
I'm not Tim Hall.

chilly charlie said...

Hi, Tim.

Funny how you just added this comment TODAY.

Tell ya what, bucko, if you're NOT Tim Hall, prove it.

By the way, I notice that Bryan Guski has fallen silent. You sound just like him. Could you perhaps please try to be a little more transparent in the future?

Mary Sullivan is your co-dependent enabling wife. You want to escalate?

jimmy grace said...

Yeah, when I notice someone's ranting about me I add comments. Sorry I didn't notice earlier.

Prove I'm not Tim Hall? Um, how about I don't know who the fuck he is, or you are, or Mary Sullivan is. Or Bryan Guski, except Google just told me. Escalate? Whatever.

chilly charlie said...

Tim, you're denying this in the same calm, get-the-last-word style you used as Bryan Guski. Do you think no one is watching?

Yes, Tim, escalate. That's my invitation. Come one, what have you got?

You're a liar and a nut job. You're also a booze-soaked mediocrity and you're going to end up killing yourself.

In the meantime, why the fuck don't you leave this group alone if they don't turn your crank?

Who the fuck cares about you?

What right do you have to punish people for exercising free speech?

Why don't you restart your lame-ass 'vog' instead? Why don't you update Skidmark Press for the first time in months?

See my blog, for regular unmaskings of this caped crusader of inept insanity.

Make yourself useful and do the dishes.

jimmy grace said...

I'm not fucking Tim Hall.

I'm not punishing anybody for free speech. I'm exercising it. That's my right as an artist and a fucking human being.