Saturday, November 11, 2006

More Rexroth

The poem mentioned on the post below, and a lot more fantastic Kenneth Rexroth stuff, is at the great radical web site simply scroll down to the Rexroth archive, but check out the other writings also!

I'm glad to see recognized somewhere the enormous importance and influence Rexroth had-- and has-- to American literature. Kenneth Rexroth is one of America's best essayists and greatest poets.

Rexroth lives!

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Bruce Hodder said...

It's true, he was incredibly important. One of the first poets to experiment with performance in the modern age, so I hear--way before the Beats, who tend to be credited with that. But he had his blind spots. Described Kerouac's publishing of poetry as "naive effrontery" because what Jack wrote wasn't really poetry. I think he had some kind of personal beef with Jack that got in the way of his objectivity there. But even the great radicals are human beings, I guess...