Monday, September 13, 2004

Best and Worst Blogs?

Today's Question: Given the enormous number of lit blogs already out there, how does one choose which ones to look at? How does one sort out the mountain of noise?

I therefore ask someone to point me toward which are generally believed to be the best, or, maybe alternatively, most widely read of the literary blogs.

I also would like an opinion or two of which are the worst. As I look further into this milieu, I'll likely have an opinion or two myself.

Please give a reason or two for your opinion in either case.

(The only one I've looked at much has been Maud's, probably because she once posted someone's awful parody of the Underground Literary Alliance.)


JDF said...
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King said...

How'd you find this site so fast? You're supposed to be chillin, bro. . . .

JDF said...
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Adam Hardin said...

There are some good rules that so many of these blogs violate.

1.Never be Boring.

2.Another good rule is make it short and sweet. Say something but don't make it a dissertation.

3. Say Something that other people have not said. So many of these lit blogs are just followers. Repeating the same thing over and over.

4. Keep the personal stuff that doesn't concern Literature down to a minimum. People don't want to hear about your cats or what the children did in school or the lost dog...

5. Do not record your writing life. Many of these blogs endlessly record every rejection and every phone call and every manuscript sent and that gets tiresome and then after every rejection do a poor me routine.

Its interesting because King does not violate any of these rules and he just started. I think that is the difference between a writer and those trained to be writers. Writers have the good instinct.