Monday, September 13, 2004


While the ULA isn't a monolith, and contains much diverse writing-- and talents beyond merely writing-- it does contain many writers who have revived the spontaneous free-form loose truthful jazzy impulsive prose tradition of Beat writers like Jack Kerouac-- Wild Bill Blackolive, Jack Saunders, Urban Hermitt, and Steve Kostecke, to name a few, with variations of course between what they do.

The literati pay lip service to the Kerouac legend, but will seldom allow that kind of thing in their journals.

"Beat," of course, as used by the originators of the term, had many meanings. Not just a sense of jazzy bop rhythmn, but also in the sense of being "beat down" by life, which applies much more to the ULA than any other collection of writers!

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