Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Everything Wrong with Literature Today

Yes, in two weeks it will all be in one place: the NEW YORKER Festival!

Boring readings for fifteen or twenty dollars. What a show! It includes notable literary Stooges/Puppets

JonFranzenGeorgeSaundersE.L.DoctorowTobiasWolffJonathanSaranwrap-FoerBritMartinAmisJhumpherLahiriLorrieMooreJeffreyEugenidesDonaldAntrimZanieSmith-RoundUptheUsualSuspects-- How can it be missed?

In celebration of this great event, the Underground Literary Alliance will have a couple upcoming Monday Reports devoted to it on the www.literaryrevolution.com fan site-- including a review by George Balgobin of Zadie Smith's last novel. And other good stuff.

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King said...

Blogger seems to be constipated-- it won't take my run-on sentence in its entirety without running it off the page. Must've been through a writing program.