Friday, September 24, 2004

Busting the Boycott

Or, the Shock of the New.

It's blackballed by many bookstores throughout the land (some folks are afraid of free speech), but you can have a copy of LITERARY FAN MAGAZINE for only One Dollar cash to the ULA address, c/o me, up at the fan site.

#2 contains a kaleidoscope of fun stuff, including:

-A look at BOMB magazine;

-Profiles of Mitch Albom, Charles Baxter, Chubby Checker, and Rick Moody.

-The current Ten Most Ridiculous Lit Figures;

-A Will Ratblood Interview with blogger Maud Newton (I'm still eager to send her a copy);

-Frank Walsh attacked while reading poetry;

-A special J.D. Finch "McStoney's" feature;

-Results of the ULA Survey;

-Photos. . . .

And other surprises! Not to be missed.

Don't let the panicked and the tame regulate what you read. Order a copy today. Don't wait!

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