Friday, September 10, 2004

Media Wars

It's fascinating to observe the battle between "Old" and "New" establishment media, for whom the election is a focal point.

New Media right now, with much less resources (and political bloggers at the forefront) is outmaneuvering and really shredding the networks and the big newspapers.

The latest example is the exploding controversy over the forged memos which CBS trumpeted all over the airwaves (and which the NY TIMES and WASHINGTON POST eagerly ran with). Are they embarrassed? Do they have any shame?

The battle that the Underground Literary Alliance has been fighting has commonalities-- though we're not at all on the "Right" as is much of "New Media." (We disdain such outdated labels as Right and left anyway.) It's also interesting that we found some favor from the NEW YORK POST, of all places, and none from liberal icons like the TIMES, or HARPER'S, for that matter. HARPER'S, in fact, has been stonewalling on the Bissell plagiarism story, refusing to even address legitimate questions about it. In this sense, despite their constant pronouncements of their apparent virtue, they are really no better-- no less corrupt and insular-- than their enemies.

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