Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Typical Lit Novel

THE GOOD NANNY by Benjamin Cheever.


Adam Hardin said...

I think George just indirectly commented on this in the Monday Report with regards to Zadie Smith, and I agree, that alot of these "Literary Novels" are just novels written only for the sake of the Author to make wry observations so he can puff himself/herself up as a cultural commentator. And this appears to be one as well.

Take any characters(make sure they are wacky), take any plot, take any setting, and throw them together. Then use that to Advertise Yourself by writing the story so you can add your personal commentary. The Novel as a Personal Ad: I am an Intellectual. I am the Master of Irony. I am the most Acute Observer of Cultural Affairs, please invite me to the New Yorker Party.

The Beloved Donald Antrim is the most guilty of this. And he is the most mentioned writer in interviews with other elite writers. "I just love Donald Antrim."

King said...

Hi Adam. Antrim, of course, is one of R. Moody's buddies who received a NEA grant when Moody sat on a grants panel a couple years ago-- as outlined in our Special Report still to be found somewhere down on our News page at www.literaryrevolution.com.

Re: Cheever: Who else would write about a nanny except an establishment "literary" writer-- one of the clubby elite?