Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Demi-Puppets and Dave

Or, Sycophants Are Everyplace.

The question came up on another forum (on a thread entitled "Eggers Is Super Cool") of whether the ULA "hates" Dave Eggers.

This shows an inability to understand the nature of criticism, competition, and debate. For all our lauded freedom many Americans are NOT able to engage in discussion without believing in and embodying that word.
Witness the current election campaign.

One could easily turn the question around and ask whether Eggers "hates" the ULA. After all, his journal THE BELIEVER ran a 10,000 word essay which trashed us, and Dave himself was caught posting anonymous attacks on the ULA on Amazon earlier this year. (In which he showed his disdain for "unpublished" writers-- i.e., non-corporate ones. This revealed that his D-I-Y stance is a fraud, but also that for all his brilliance and millions he's not keyed-in to the revolutionary changes taking place right now in the world.)

More interesting than Eggers are the people who suck-up to him and accommodate him. Regarding the ULA, they believe that to please him they need to shut us out. After all, we're competition to Eggers (competition being frightening and alien), and never ever would they wish to anger him-- he's known to become angry-- and since we've criticized him and his actions then we must "hate" him; there couldn't possibly be any other explanation-- could there be?


Anonymous said...

I asked that question because your criticism had a decidedly nasty tone, some of which was based on his socio-economic status. This led me to wonder whether your work was an honest criticism of the state of publishing, or a personal vendetta. I have no vested interest in either of you. I was attempting to determine what your group was about before attending one of your events in Philly.
- Pencopal

King said...

Nasty??? Not by the standards of the world from which I come, where this is just normal conversation.

Orlando Hotpockets said...

King W (for "wannabe") is the wannabe Eggers of all wannabe Eggers.

That's, like, so expontentially pathetic that I could weep from pity.

Anonymous said...

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