Thursday, September 09, 2004

Writers as Sheep

One can leaf through something like Poets and Writers magazine and find pages and pages devoted to writing programs, and advertisements for same. The industry is intent on creating more "wannabe" writers (demi-puppets for the most part). There is little thought, however, to where the audience for these wondrous talents is going to be.

It's the same sheep-like mindset encountered by the ULA when it attempts to recruit outside the zeen scene. Writers, writers, everyplace, who do absolutely NOTHING to create publications or to develop a market. In this day and age, that has to go hand-in-hand with the writing, from everyone involved in this art. (Marketing, distro, zeen-making consumes more than 90% of my energies.) If each writer devoted time to this aspect, there wouldn't be a problem. But the egos involved (whose writing is in fact imitative and sheep-like) aren't serious people of course, merely wannabes. And so interest in literature is dwindling, and the art is dying.

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