Friday, September 24, 2004

ULA Gossip Report

-My focus on writing, zeen-making, and this blog has delayed my involvement with Philly's secretive activist C.A.P.P.Y.S. entity (Coalition Against Posturing Poser Yuppy Snobs), though I did meet several aficionadoes of their ideas last week.

-Along with Bill and Lisa's new zeen (which I'll review next week), I received a note from Wild Bill saying Lisa Falour admitted the truth about the cover photo of LIT FAN #2-- "it is she." He expresses his disbelief, and adds about his wonderment, "But, this is me."

(Lisa lives in France; Bill in the wilds of Texas. She is very sophisticated and worldly; Wild Bill is Rousseau's authentic natural man, uncorrupted-- scarcely touched-- by civilization.)

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