Tuesday, September 14, 2004


1.) What happened to Ada Calhoun at NEW YORK magazine? (It's not why she's gone, I know, but I'm sure she didn't score any points earlier in the year by shopping around an article on the ULA!)

2.) Has Ian Spiegelman, late of "Page Six," landed on his feet?

3.) Is Franklin Foer related to Jonathan Safran?

4.) To zeen (zine) people: Anyone read the recent issue of LOW HUG by A.J. Michel? Any thoughts on what she relates? Her opening essay relates what seems to me to be fear and disgust at a p.c. crowd of "cool kids" in the zine scene, of all places-- the last place where it should be. I've heard rumors that her piece has something to do with the Rich Mackin controversy, but don't know for certain. Mackin, btw, has a place in ULA history, having been the (great) opening act for our 2001 Amato Opera House show in New York City. Rich had been opening a year prior for Ralph Nader. We wanted to start our event explosively, and couldn't have found anyone funnier or with more energy.


Jackie Corley said...

re: 2 -- you know him, why don't you just email him and ask instead of blogging about it?

c'mon wenclas -- you of all people should know to say "fuck blogging" and just ask the direct question to the man himself.

just a thought.

-jackie corley

Jackie Corley said...

re 1: she's an assoc. editor at nerve.com and working on a book i think

King said...

Uh, Jackie, I'm trying to get some interest going in these subjects, in these people-- and find out what the "buzz" is. I resisted having a blog for some time-- now that I have it, I don't mind some public discussion of what's happening on the literary scene-- and why. But thanks for the information. (p.s. The topic I'm most interested in right now is the pro/con debate about the Internet-- which you addressed on your site. There are arguments both ways. I do believe we're in the midst of some exciting happenings.)

shc said...

They are brothers. And their littlest brother is Joshua Foer, also a writer, for Discovery, NY Times editorial, etc.