Saturday, September 11, 2004


MFAers are not exactly synomynous with Demi-Puppets. Most known Demi-Puppets just happen to be MFAers, by the very nature of being a Demi-Puppet (or an MFAer).

We therefore need a more accurate term with which to refer to those hopeless and hapless folks who obtain MFAs.

The Institutionalized?

The Conformist?

Status Quos?

None of these quite captures the combination of ego, narcisissim, striving, unreality, and opportunism involved with spending all those bucks, basically being conned, and brainwashed, when engaged in an Approved Writing Program.

Suggestions are welcomed.

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Adam Hardin said...

"Subsidized Third Rate Hacks"-could be used especially for MFA Professors. Too long?

I like the Critics Accusation, "Thumbsuckers."

"Post-Mortemists" The Death of American Literature

How about the "Starbuckers." That is where most of them will work and write after graduation.