Friday, September 17, 2004

The History of McSweeney's: A Continuing Saga

Chapter One

Our tale begins in a mansion near Chicago when young David Eggers becomes immersed in the idea of alternative culture. Not the fact of breaking with conglomerates and other top-heavy institutions, mind you-- only the pose of it.

By eighteeen he's become disillusioned.

When he's 21 his parents die, sadly and tragically and . . . but you've read the book.

Inheritance in hand, young disillusioned sad teary-eyed David heads west with the fictional facsimile of his younger brother, "Snooky," along with David's long-time playmate, "Teddy," to spend his fortune.

San Francisco!

(To be continued.)


Anonymous said...

Do you hate Eggers because you think he's full of shit, or because he comes from money?
- Pencopal

King said...

??? I don't hate Eggers; he just makes a highly visible target. It's also an easy way to puncture the demi-puppets for whom he's an icon. (They are halfway puppets for whom there is some hope-- the marionette strings may still be able to be cut-- while a full puppet like Jon Franzen is hopelessly captured.)