Monday, September 13, 2004

ULA Gossip Report

Wild Bill, as I sense in a recent letter from him, seems enamored of the cover photo of LIT FAN MAG #2. He asks a couple times who it is, and remarks on the beauty of the snapshot. I think he's being disingenuous, and knows right well that it's a past photo of Lisa Falour, who he has never met, but is cooperating with long distance on a joint zeen project. Such long-distance infatuations are funny. I don't know if they often work out. (Read Bill's great Madame Z and Billy novel and one sees that for all his toughness, he's quite the romantic with women. There's an excerpt from the book on the fan site-- but there's much, much more to the book than what's given there.)

Other ULA news involves Bill: Patrick King and a buddy went to visit Bill in Aransas Pass Texas, got wildly drunk with him by all accounts, but had brought with them a film or video camera of some sort, and have eight hours of the historic original discussing his life and the literary art. patrick intends to turn the footage into a documentary, which will take much work.

That's all for today from ULA Gossip Central. (LIT FAN is available c/o the ULA address. Be sure to check out the rave Zine Review of it at

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