Monday, September 06, 2004

Just Born Zeens

In 1999 Johnny Marr wrote that "Zines Are Dead"-- right when a new cycle was beginning. The ULA and (as far as I'm concerned) "zeens" were born.

About "zine" versus "zeen": not only is it an albatross to have as the label for our movement a word that many people can't even pronounce properly (witness how even CLAMOR and Ashabot have to tell people that "zine" is pronounced "zeen," and others give different explanations-- when's the last time people had to be told how to pronounce "jazz" or "rock"?)

BUT, "zine" is tied to the past, to zinedom's "glory days" of the 90's-- which is a second albatross. And so, commentators have to point back to Mike Gunderloy-- or Johnny Marr-- and are unable to see that the movement is still healthy, or that part of it has healthily mutated into the ULA.

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