Thursday, September 23, 2004

Magazine Report: HARPERS Apology

Shades of Rather.

In the October issue of HARPERS, Editor Lewis Lapham publicly apologizes for writing a report of the Republican convention before it'd occurred! Astute reader Matthew Ostrowski wrote them (keeping in mind that HARPERS has a habit of rewording the letters they publish): "--on the day I received my copy . . . the Republican convention had yet to take place."

HARPERS ends up with egg on its face.

Can we assume it's made other mistakes?

(They continue to stonewall about the Tom Bissell plagiarism case.)

NO SURPRISES DEPT: The October issue also includes a typically overwritten and thoroughly tedious story by John Updike.

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Adam Hardin said...

Remember Stephen Glass of the New Republic completely inventing entire stories. Jayson Blair of the New York Times filing false reports. Both Fired.

The difference is that Editors don't get fired, but do the firing.

He claims he messed of the tense while trying to do an essay with poetic license. If he can't get the tense right, he shouldn't be an editor or a writer. He chooses to lie because if he actually admitted his crime, he would be forced to resign.

Its remarkable that his reality exists in his imagination. In that he did not watch the convention, but no matter what, he already had his mind made up and his categories and preconceived notions in place and those alone without any regard to reality are how he thinks.

Reminds me of why American Literature is so bland and the same. Academia instills the same preconceived categories and way of thinking into each students mind, and so naturally creative works come out the same because they do not take in reality, but think in strict categories, and fixed rigid ideals which is not thinking at all, and certainly not writing.