Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Blog Report

Aka, What the Demi-Puppets Are Doing.

I see Maud Newton is today sucking up to Zadie Smith, who has a story in the decrepit "flagship" THE NEW YORKER this week.

(Check out George Balgobin's review of Zadie's last book, now up as the Monday Report at www.literaryrevolution.com.)

Maud also has a post up from someone who says that submitting fiction to the PARIS REVIEW is a waste of time. Duh! (Where was Maud when the ULA's Steve Kostecke covered this subject in a Monday Report earlier in the year?) Call it: how not to be on top of things.

I also found interesting a post on Maud's site from last Friday, with a quote from the NY TIMES's Janet Maslin (isn't she married to a Cheever?), in which Janet says, "not even our most sacrosanct institutions are beyond questions. . . ." Does this apply to the TIMES, I wonder?

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