Saturday, March 26, 2005

A Note to ULAers

We're in a battle of wills with hordes of wooden-headed demi-puppets in the lit-world, forcing them to examine their programmed assumptions, through our discussion; opening channels of light into the rock-solid fossilization of their minds.

We seek to save some of them from mental slavery-- to begin cutting their puppet strings-- by revealing to them an alternate way of being a writer.

That they call us, the most powerless and democratic of writers, "thugs" and "fascists" is a sign of their desperation. (Recall that Frank Sinatra called early rock n' rollers "cretinous goons.")

The demi-puppets are like crack addicts in detox. Their attacks on us are symptoms of their withdrawal from conformist brainwashing. Questioning the state of current literature-- even listening to those who question it-- is for them a new experience. We have to keep agitating, though they want us to play the standard literary "I'm Okay, You're Okay" game. (They've rebuffed all peace attempts anyway.)

WHERE OUR CRITICS ARE RIGHT is that we have to at the same time be more positive about what we're doing. We have much to be positive about-- exciting underground personalities and writing. We'll be highlighting them on our site.


Anonymous said...

If you want to get rid of the nameless apparitions, you can change your blog settings to disallow anonymous comments. It would be a minor loss - some of them have been worth addressing - but if you wanted a less negative tenor, that'd do it. Plus, it would bounce the annoying-as-fuck "I shall remain anonymous because I have a book deal and I don't want someone to Google my famous name and find the Wenclas blog" people.

Jimbo said...

I think it's great that these anonymius got to have their say. This anonymous who thinks he got somthin ta say? They are trying to get ahead in those jobs! Whose heads and how? Of course we should lie down and die for your careeers thats just great! Do you know really know who are the people in the ULA? You people get on here and correct spelling for christs sake! It’s the motherfucking internet the biggest behavioral sink ever created it’s like jumping naked into a cage with the monkeys shit. Why do people hate you? Why ask why? Do you really think that you have what you have because you deserve it? Goddamn I read some crap written about the ULA in which they said , “Do the nerds invite the jocks to their parties?” Some of us were homeless and/or incarcerated before the age of sixteen. We weren’t one or the other. We weren’t thinking about how to be popular but how not to be killed. It’s all about figuring out what side of the barricade you’re on. Your boss gave you the assignment of figuring out the ULA perhaps? Like a sort of market study maybe? Is it a new trend should we be looking into it? You haven’t a clue about why people would be attracted to this organisation you can’t even admit to yourselves that they might have legitimate motives because it would obviate everything that you are about.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic but extremely relevant in the grand scheme ... I used to think that Flannery O'Connor was one of the best writers ever (Wise Blood, the stories) even if her books are in print and some well-known people like her too. But then I learned the sordid truth: she had an MFA from Iowa. No shit. Now I realize she's just a ho. No better then JSF in a dress.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A while ago I read two books by a writer named John Steinbeck. They were called Of Mice and Men and The Pearl. I really liked them because they were about actual people of my own socio-economic class, not somebody different from me. I like that Stephen King, too. Some people like his books because of the exploding pederast clowns and pig blood, but not me, I like the close depiction of working-to-middle class life, more than the pig blood. But then I got real scared, and not in the good Stephen King working man sense, 'cause what if Steinbeck has a MFA too? Then I'd haf to use his books to wipe myself after I go poo-poo, and not read them anymore. Does anybody know?

Jimbo said...

Maybe you can use your diploma to wipe yourself (find out what knid of paper it's made from first). Then you'll see how the pederast pig blood drinking clowns that work in HRD explode when you present it to them. Your career will take off!

King Wenclas said...

Flannery O'Connor: Some defense of MFA programs-- a writer from fifty years ago! Is this all you can come up with? Sixty years of writing programs and the eventual defense of them: "Well, ya, but what about Flannery O'Connor?"
Wait a minute while I mark this on my chalk board. There. A board filled with chalk marks. That's the 323rd time I've heard Flannery O'Connor given in defense of writing programs.

Adam Hardin said...

Steinbeck dropped out of Stanford as an undergrad. There were no writing programs in existence back then. Iowa was the first in 1936.

The good thing about the MFA system is that it has set the bar so low. Rick Moody...

The bar is so low now you could crawl over it.

Adam Hardin said...

You should generally ignore the contemporary writers, because if you beat them easily that really doesn't mean anything in the context of literary history.

You have to compete against the classics. That is a high fucking bar.

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