Monday, March 21, 2005


Going through the spaceship's library, as the craft hurtles ever faster into the unknown, I find a book by trendy author Sarah Vowell. Listed with the bio info on the dust cover is this phrase: "She is a McSweeney's person. . . ."

Is this a coded statement-- the way that brainwashed members of the Cult recognize one another?


Anonymous said...

That's odd. I thought Vowell was MUCH better known for her recurring "This American Life" presence. TAL is one of the most popular programs on public radio - I'm positive most of its listeners don't give a shit about McSweeney's. TAL may be a bit precious sometimes (a lot of "McSweeney's people" get more than their share of air), but it has featured "zeen" hero Dishwasher Pete.

Adam Hardin said...

Sarah Vowell has been on the Conan O'Brien show numerous times and David Letterman once. She also does voices for cartoons characters in movies and TV shows.

No doubt she makes far more money doing cartoon voices than selling her lukewarm autobiographical non-fiction books like the Partly Cloudy Patriot.