Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Zeenster Update

I'm only posting this here because I know he doesn't go on this blog-- but ULAer Tom Hendricks went through the deaths of his father and his only brother in the last couple months. For those who don't know, Tom is an underground icon. He was already fighting corruption in the arts (through his zeen Musea) back in '92 when I arrived on the scene. Few have greater credibility.

Any zeensters or ULAers who might want to drop Tom a sympathy card can send it to Tom Hendricks, 4000 Hawthorne #5, Dallas TX 75219-- though he's already back posting stuff in forums like alt.zines, and is not the type to linger over tragedy. But I thought people might like to at least know what's happening.

By the way, zeenster Asha Anderson suggests people send zeens or stuff to read to Cullen Carter, who's still recovering from the auto accident which put him in a coma in 2003. He's made great progress, I'm told, and is reading again (hopefully writing soon also). Cullen Carter is c/o Mequon Health Center, Room 134, 10911 N. Port Washington Rd, Mequon WI 53092. Thanks!

(The always irrepressible Asha also wants me to mention she's looking for submissions for a magazine and for a contest of some kind; at and I know nothing about them, but take a look and make her happy.

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