Friday, March 11, 2005

Zeenster Review: Yul Tolbert

The way things have been going for me on this planet of late, I'm ready to blast off for Zytron or some other destination.

As I was thinking these escapist thoughts, in the mail arrived Yul Tolbert's latest, Adventures in the Superfuture! It's kind of a short graphic novel about two mercenaries from Earth ("or the Terran Interstellar Confederation if you want to get technical") on the run from mysterious enemies (probably evil demi-puppet-like brainwashed aliens). The mercenaries kidnap the Terraformer Girls. (One of whom, anyway, is kind of cute.) The story proceeds from there. At one point Elenino is arrested by the cosmic law enforcement authorities (who look suspiciously to me a lot like the National Book Award people) and thrown into Astrotraz Astrophysical Women's Prison, where she meets Interstelle, "who's in the slam for smuggling."

All-in-all, it's quick imaginative fun. For info on this and other Timelike Line Productions write Yul at PO Box 02222, Detroit MI 48202 or e-mail

(Parts of Detroit need a terraforming project.)

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