Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Dinosaur

I've landed a blow on the literary establishment, which stands before us like a helpless dinosaur. Are other independent writers willing to follow up?

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King Wenclas said...

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What is this??
It's an example of a Fisher's Island resident viewing this blog.
I'm sure it wasn't Mr. Moody-- probably his neighbor Mr. DuPont, one of my more avid fans.
That Moody and Eggers would have to be suspects as lurkers here is common sense.
They're both friends of Mr. Handler, a well-documented reader and poster here under false names.
Mr. Eggers was previously caught posting anonymously on Amazon.
This puts him at the head of the list.
Mr. Moody lives in Brooklyn (as well as on Fisher's Island).
Should we eliminate him as a suspect altogether????
I have nothing personally against either of them-- they've merely made themselves over the years two of the more obvious targets.
(I bash N+1 to show I don't single anyone out. It's the whole corrupt mess I'm against.)
What I find funny is the sense of outrage from the nonexistent Harland. It fits the personality of someone with a sense of entitlement-- the same privileged sense that would cause a very affluent author to apply for scarce tax-sheltered grant money and never give it back, or even answer questions about it.
I'd just as soon as Mr. Moody not read my blog, truth be told.