Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Intent

My intent remains to rebuild the machine of literary rebellion. The goal is to make DIY-spawned writers a player in the literary world, as we've been close to doing-- in so doing, to rescue our nation's misguided and moribund literature. This can be accomplished along several avenues.

Through our ideas and our principles we'll sweep all before us. Given our lack of resources, it's in this area where we can best compete. To refuse to engage the mainstream AS FORCEFULLY AS POSSIBLE is to accept defeat before the game's begun. Our ideas are the necessary engine to propel us through the literary maelstrom, against vastly more numerous and better financed competitors-- competitors without character, drive, originality, or vision.

The rebellion needs DIY writers who believe in their art. It's no time for head-in-the-sand hobbyists.

Products have an important role to play in the movement if they're part of a coherent plan, an agreed-to strategy.

Past is past. The literary rebellion will move along the open road if it puts aside past internal disagreements. Trust, cohesion, camaraderie, honesty, loyalty, are the foundations of a successful movement.

The vehicle of this movement, whether the ULA or something new, will be that which best adapts itself to the needs of the cause.

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