Thursday, December 11, 2008

Unmasking a Demi-Puppet

Here is one small part of a widespread assault.

This past summer an anonymous person went onto my wikipedia entry and made a personal attack. (Not the first time this happened.) The individual's ISP number is clearly visible on the log (posting history):

I was able to trace this number to its source: one Terri Wilson of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Who is she? How does she know me? I have no idea.

It seems an indication of the extent to which opponents of this blog will go to discredit it: using unconnected third parties. It's scary.

I've e-mailed Ms. Wilson several times, and left a message on her voice mail, to no response. No explanation. No denial.

What's her motivation? Was this done on her own? If not, who put her up to it?


Anonymous said...

I happen to know Terri Wilson. She lives not in Cincinnati, but in the small town of Gambier, where she was an associate professor of media studies at Ohio State University.

Ms. Wilson's class, "Disrupting the Master Signal: Postmodern AntiCorporate Strategies," which I took, placed special emphasis on the U.L.A. However, it was Ms. Wilson's hypothesis that the U.L.A. was in fact already a counter-insurgent group, a construct devised by a coalition of secret intelligence agencies and media oligarchs, to attract "miscreant" writers and others with an interest in disrupting the business of corporate culture. She demonstrated to the class that tactics as crude as the U.L.A.'s couldn't possibly have been undertaken in earnest. I raised the question of what sort of writers would thus be attracted to the U.L.A.'s program, if it were so crude as to repel "real" literary rebels, and she replied that it was clearly one element of a multifold program, this element devised to filter out "bottom feeders" who might otherwise disrupt the system without ultimately having much influence to change it -- the analogy she used was Lee Harvey Oswald's "patsy" status: he presented no real threat to the system, but threw up enough interference that it was necessary to first co-opt, and the neutralize, him.

Wilson has left OSU, in part because her course was banned by OSU admin -- some students objected to its highly speculative nature, and the OSU administration disapproved of "detourning" strategies such as her destruction of individual entries in Wikipedia, and so forth.

Anonymous said...

Just because the ISP is Terri Wilson's doesn't mean Terri Wilson did it. Hackers can use someone else's ISP to do their work through. I don't know how that works, just that it can be done.

I'm not saying that's the case, cause I don't know, but that could explain why you don't know the person or anything about him/her.

King Wenclas said...

Re Gregory:
As far as I can determine, his clever business is a lie, typical postmodern game-playing, and may even be slanderous in that there is a Terry Wilson at OSU (which is in Columbus, not Gambier).

The inability to tell the truth, to even know it: evil, or insanity?

King Wenclas said...

To John:
Tell us about yourself. Do you have nothing of interest to offer? I tire of conversing with faceless demi-puppets.

Robert Hernandez said...

You're an idiot.

Robert Hernandez said...

Yep, I agree with Offcierge (also me, named after the last business I ran).

You're an idiot.