Friday, December 12, 2008

Eye Opener

The last few months have confirmed for me that both the Right and the Left are anti-populist, and act against the interests of the American people. We won't have true intellectual freedom until we destroy the tops-down scam of the yin-yang Right-Left paradigm.

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scofflaw said...

You anin't just whistling Dixie!

The liberals have their own brand of facism here back in Philly and it's a cultural progrom.
Just responding to their fear of me and the possibility that the ULA maybe sniffing around as I come across them and following that up a tad and politely. It's real close to being ridiculous (if the elites weren't so close to totalitarianism?!).

The city should be ashamed of itself and the posers and the lit hacks on the payroll of goverment (all levels!)/taxpayer money are such sociopaths it would seem thatthey're superceded just anti- populism.

Even tho there are at least even after a few short weeks many many specific instants/"complexes" where what is being metioned here should be considered true and in need of a firm unequivocable response-- there needs to be some more investigation so that names can be named to best effect-- and snap!